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proMX is a longtime Microsoft Partner and leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert with a close-knit partner network around the globe. Having worked with companies of different industries for many years, we know what businesses require of their software solutions and have developed our own Dynamics compatible apps to address these needs. When partnering with us, you will get to experience a professional and knowledgeable team that will not leave any questions unanswered.

Your Digital Future


You have recognized the need for innovation. Your journey to future-proof your business begins here.


Throughout the transformation process you can count on us for advice, guidance and support.


Step by step we will work together to find the perfect solution to address your needs and implement it without disruption.


Eventually, yours will be a digital company well-prepared to tackle any challenges that may block your way in the future.

How We Build Our Digitalization Partnerships 



Our consultants use modern approaches to analyze your process and determine your needs. Then we draw upon our experience to find the right solution for you.


With many successful projects under their belt, proMX experts know which approaches work best. Expect a well-thought-out plan that takes your requirements into account.


You won’t be on your own should you ever encounter any difficulties: our support team is here to help you 24/7. You have a question, we have the answer.


If you have different systems in place, we will find a way to connect them into one seamless solution. You will no longer have to put up with media disruption.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Revolution

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Revolution

Purpose-built, productive, intelligent, adaptive – Microsoft’s cloud business software Dynamics 365 checks all the boxes. Combining previously separate CRM and ERP solutions, Dynamics 365 covers every area of business with individual apps, all of which connect seamlessly with one another. The software suite allows you to move your company forward at your own pace, starting with your most urgent concerns, expanding your solution with industry-specific third-party apps, and adding other modules whenever you are ready.



Recommended event: „Discover Dynamics 365“ with Microsoft and proMX

At our event on 20 November, businesses that are seriously considering implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales will have the opportunity to pose their questions to digitization experts, learn about the experiences of a company that has already started its digital transformation and get inspired on a guided tour through the Microsoft office.


Discover Dynamics 365: Advanced Lead Management

20 November, 2018


The Weight of Numbers

Our goal is to empower companies and their employees to work productively and efficiently.

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